What we like about the Bholt vaporizer is that it meets or exceeds these conditions by bringing quality and value at affordable prices.

The main feature that sets the Bholt vaporizer apart from other vaporizers is the materials used. Unlike all other vaporizers out on the market, the Bholt vaporizes using “glass on glass” technology which provides a much cleaner vape. The Bholt is highly efficient when it comes to using wax or oil. The best thing about having the “glass on glass” technology is that the taste in the vape is much cleaner and pleasant. Let’s just say that you’re not tasting the plastic or metal materials.

Portability with this device is also a major advantage. At only 6 inches in length, this vaporizer is highly portable as it is light and small in size. If you’re looking to travel and take your vaporizer with you, the Bholt is the right choice.

Another great advantage that the Bholt brings is versatility. Although somewhat underrated in the vaping world, versatility is quickly becoming a strong selling point as vaporizers are expanding in features and usage. For instance, the Bholt allows for a 14mm ground glass connection which enables users to use an external water pipe.

More importantly, the amount of money that you pay for the Bholt makes it a worthwhile investment. Starting at $119.99, the Bholt delivers one of the best vaping experiences per dollar. Again, if you’re looking for affordability, a clean vape, portability and versatility the Bholt meets and exceeds all expectations.

Remember, Bholt Vape is a U.S.A. Product!

The Bholt Vape

What's different about Bholt?

​When people ask us about which vaporizer they should purchase, we always reply with the following questions:

– How much are you looking to spend?

– Are you looking for an herb or wax vaporizer?

– Do you prefer a portable or desktop vaporizer?

These are important questions as they immediately weed out any vaporizers that may not meet your criteria. There are other things you should consider like the quality of materials,  portability, versatility, and battery life (if applicable).